Midnight recovery, Aloe Night Cream

29,000 LBP
For dry skin, the Aloe night cream is Nature's best support for midnight skin recovery. 
So what can be better than Fresh Aloe vera gel from organic Aloe plants, Extra virgin Olive oil from our Olive trees, Fresh Turmeric extract, pure beeswax, and pure Lemon essential oil (natural Vitamin C) together to nourish the skin at night while sleeping?
Simply apply it every night one hour before sleep to support the natural midnight recovering process of the skin, so that you wake up and see the improvement every single day!
Ingredients: Freshly extracted Aloe Vera gel from our organic Aloe plants - Olive oil from our organic Olive trees - pure Beeswax - Lemon essence - fresh Turmeric essence - flower essences -  Pure Lavender, Geranium & Rose essential oils - ½ tsp Himalayan salt (Natural preservative).
Suitable for dry skin.
Keep it refrigerated. 
Shelf life: two months.
Size: 70 ml.

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